Rochester Minnesota Canada Goose Hunting
Last Pass Guide Service

Last Pass Guide Service takes pride in our ability to decoy canada geese consistently. All of our guides were born and raised around Rochester, MN and have spent countless hours persuing the geese that would migrate to Silver Lake in the fall. At peak migration, during the end of November, the area will stage up to 40,000 giant canada geese.

We are fortunate enough to have multiple refuge line fields and fields that geese use outside the refuge line. Most of our refuge line fields are equipped with pit blinds while we use ground blinds for the outer fields. Our pit blinds are very roomy and they have a flip top lid that allows the hunters to watch the birds. The best reason for using pit blinds, other than concealment, is the heaters that we use when it gets cold! When the temps get cold out we stay nice and warm in our heated pit blinds while shooting limits of giant canadas.

Our decoy spreads change throughout the year depending on goose behavior and migration. Some days we’ll have 100 full bodies out and then there will be times when we set up over 400 full bodies and 150 shell decoys. Flagging is also a great tool we use when fooling these large geese. While decoys and flagging are great tools, we believe that calling is by far the best tool a guide can have. We believe that our hunters benefit greatly on how well our guides can put all these tools together to make a safe and bountiful hunt. We look forward to hunting with you this fall!
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