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Spring Snow Goose Hunting in Missouri and South Dakota

Mound City Missouri is where we usually start up our spring snow goose hunts at the end of February. Our Missouri hunts usually take place around the Squaw Creek NWR which has at times held over 2 million snow geese. We hunt NW Missouri until March 20th depending on the weather and migration. At Last Pass Guide Service we feel that Missouri has the most consistent spring snow goose hunting and that is why we spend over a month chasing them in this state. When the geese decide to migrate out of Missouri up to South Dakota so do we. We travel to where the birds are but our base camp is usually the Huron or De Smet area. Our South Dakota hunts take place from March 21st until around April 10th. On average South Dakota is usually a little on the wet side so be prepared to hunt in some mud! We'll keep everyone up to date on the hunting conditions where ever we are on our blog page.

Our decoy spreads or “sets” are second to none with all of fields having 1500+ custom made snow and blue goose windsocks. These decoys have a backbone system that gives them the full body appearance on no wind days. Ground blinds are the method we use for concealing our hunters during the spring season. These blinds are comfortable and are easy to move when we need to be mobile to stay on the birds. Only top of the line e-callers with multiple tracks are used in our fields to help us fool wary snow geese down into shooting range. We also deploy other equipment such as rotary machines and snow goose flyers along with flagging. When combining all this equipment and our experienced guides, that’s why we are one of the best in the business!

Expectations are always big when it comes to the spring conservation season. While 100+ bird days do happen each year, the average hunt will shoot 20-30 birds. These hunts are 100% fair chase so there is the chance at only shooting in the single digits. Snow goose hunting can literally change over night so that is why we recommend a 3 day package.

Our fields consist of 1 guide and 6-8 hunters. If you have 6 hunters then you can reserve a field to only your hunting party. If there is under 6 hunters in your group then we may mix your party in with another to reach the 6-8 hunters per field. You may bring a well mannered dog if you reserve a field otherwise no dogs on mixed parties.

What To Bring
Weather in the spring can change from 80 degrees and sunny one day to snowing and 5 degrees the next. Watch the weather and pack according. Knee high rubber boots are almost a must when hunting snow geese. Bring non toxic shells in 3 inch BB's or 2 shot. We recommend bringing a case during a 3 day hunt. We usually take a lunch break for a couple hours but make sure you bring water or pop and some snacks for the blind. Absolutely no alcohol during or before the hunt! No exceptions. Make sure to bring along a camera so you can get lots of pictures of your hunt.

Bird Cleaning
Bird cleaning is the responsibility of the hunters. By law if the bird is going to be transported there needs to be one wing attached. We do offer bird cleaning at the rate of $3 a bird. Storage of cleaned birds is also the hunter’s responsibility. Most of our guys bring large coolers and put the birds on ice.

When hunting Missouri it is the hunter’s responsibility to make hotel arrangements. South Dakota lodging will be made through Last Pass Guide Service because we are constantly moving.

Hunts take place 1/2 hr before sunrise until sunset. There are no limits on snow geese during the spring conservation season.
MO License $40 non resident or $5 Resident *Hunter Safety Certificate required if born on or after 1-1-1967 An Apprentice Hunters Authorization can be purchased for $10 if a Hunters Safety course hasn’t been taken.
MO license online

South Dakota
Hunts take place 1/2 hr before sunrise until sunset. The limit on snow geese is 20 birds/day per person during the spring conservation season.
SD License $45 16 and under $25 Plus Hunter Safety Certificate
SD license online

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